Blackline Safety G7

The Blackline Safety G7 portable wireless devices are monitored remotely 24/7 via cellular and/or satellite coverage. This allows management and safety personnel to know when a device has alarmed to a gas exposure, SOS, fall detection, man-down and more - visually over a web browser, tablet or phone, via text and email messages to as many people as you like.

With emergency response personnel getting this information almost immediately, a properly coordinated response can take place to render aid, understand more about the field conditions, and know the location for deployment.  Alert. Locate. Respond.

Life-Time Warranty Sensors:

  • Factory Pre-Calibrated
  • Swap Modules in 60 seconds
  • Modular Design
  • Life-Time Warranty and next day free shipping

To maximize equipment up-time, G7c incorporates field-replaceable gas sensor cartridges(modules). No more  ‘back-up’ gas monitors to ensure continuous employee monitoring. Each cartridge ships pre-calibrated, allowing cartridge replacement to be a quick and easy task in the field.

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